Marica Lewis © 2014
Malta Mycological Association
As world citizens our aims are to:

 interest in mycology to our local population

Collaborate with Mycological Associations in the Mediterranean basin and share information and knowledge​​

Encourage that the study of fungi be included in the educational curriculum

Provide education and knowledge to the teachers of the important role that fungi play in our dailylives

Encourage other entities to join our group and spread this work throughout the Maltese Islands

Our current projects:

We have an established database from 1906 until now.  This gives us a fungal map of the islands.

This has been made possible with your contribution by observation, taking photos and sending records from all over the islands.  THANK YOU!



Our Future:

We will:

Hold local training and events in fungal education.

Provide educational resources.

Hold workshops and fungi forays, where everyone can participate​​

Establish a working relationship with government entities to communicate the importance of fungi on a national environmental level.​​​​​​​




Only by working as a team can we achieve goals and make a difference.​​​